Using only the finest materials, we create elegant designs with a modern edge and classic feel. Made by skilled craftspeople, our products are exceptional in quality – so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

Exquisitely made in England

We take great care to ensure our products are exquisitely made in England, working closely with local businesses to source materials.

Thoughtful, sustainable design

We select materials for their ecological impact and quality. We favour low-chemical, less resource intensive textiles like silk, linen and organic cotton. 

The paper for our artwork and packaging is FSC certified. Wherever we can, we use paper made from a high percentage of post-consumer waste. 

We also avoid the use of plastic, opting for biodegradable cellophane for our dust-proof bags.

Our heritage

K.BIRDY was founded by British Australian designer, Kiersty Garbett. 

"I've always been interested in different cultures and what makes them unique, it's in my heritage and inspires the designs I create.”

Now living in rural England, Kiersty spent her early childhood in Sri Lanka, listening to her Dad tell stories of spirit mediums and sorcerers from his time in Africa. This, her passion for the English countryside and her later travels in South East Asia infuse her globally inspired designs.

Our collections

“Every design we create tells a story.”

Explore our collections, designed to coordinate as a set or to be used as individual pieces. The hand-sketched designs are an ideal way to add a touch of modern elegance to an eclectic interior.

Your thoughts

We’re always striving for new and better ways to design our products and enrich your home. So we’re keen to hear your feedback and what you’d like us to create.

Please do contact us with your thoughts.